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How to control anger has just launched a new facebook page.
I hope to update it regularly with lots of new info and stories.
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Anger Triggers – How to Stop Them

What is a trigger? A trigger is what sets you off.  It can be completely unconscious, unless you have spent time trying to control your angry behaviour; then it can be something you become conscious of.  It can be something that has you shouting … [Continue reading]

Making Yourself Angrier and Angrier

Although the anger that seems to cause the most problems for people is the type of anger that is unleashed in a temper - because it’s loud and aggressive and can be scary - there is another type of anger that can affect our physical and mental health … [Continue reading]

Product Review: Silva Life Systems

Name: Silva Life Systems Description: Training course on the Silva Method About 10 years ago, I came across a recording that changed my life. It sounds like a big claim but at the time I wasn’t very happy and was searching for something to help … [Continue reading]

Is attack the best line of defence?

How many times has someone calmly asked you not to do something, or told you something you do has upset them, only for you to blow up on them and make them scurry away in fright? They’ll be more careful next time, won’t they? :) Anger displays … [Continue reading]