Assertiveness Training

How many times has your angry outburst been because you don’t know how to say no effectively or haven’t been able to deal with a very demanding person? Maybe you put up with them continually asking you for something or letting them load you with extra work which builds up your stress levels.

Even just knowing that you let other people get the better of you can lead to built up resentments and issues of self esteem. You may hold your temper most of the time but then all of a sudden you snap and all hell breaks loose.

Learning to assertively communicate with those around you can strengthen your relationships, reduce conflict and provide you with the support you need when times are difficult.

Politely but firmly saying ‘no’ to excessive requests from others will enable you to avoid overloading your schedule and promote balance in your life. Assertive communication can also help you handle difficult family, friends and co-workers more easily and thereby reducing drama and stress.

What’s it all about?

Well it teaches you different techniques about how to approach someone in any given circumstance and make sure things stay calm and that no one is left feeling attacked. It teaches you not to judge and make accusations against someone. You learn to stick to the facts and state what the problem is.

It teaches you how to listen to the other person but also how to get your own point across effectively. But most of all it teaches you how to say no and not feel guilty about it.

How can this help with anger control?

Well imagine that you could diffuse a situation when you see it heading towards the usual circumstances that set you off or even if you could make sure that these situations never occur in the first place. That’s a great skill to have…

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