Never Apologising – Even when you’re wrong

Apologising is a tool for reconciliation.  It is used by people who want to maintain, fix and continue with important relationships in their lives.  Never apologising has some important facets.  First is the inability of the person in the wrong to look at their own behaviour and find fault, no matter how small the fault may be and decide that they don’t like that behaviour and so want to change it. Second is being unable to realise that someone important to you in whatever way, was hurt by your actions/words and that now the important relationship has been damaged.

Communicating with others effectively

Communication, we use it every day to accomplish both simple and complex tasks.  We use it on a personal level with family, friends and work colleagues and also out in public while driving, shopping, etc,.  We learn how to get our needs met and how to function in society properly by communicating effectively with those around us.  Even though, for the most part, we are good at communicating with others, it is easy to see where misunderstandings occur.  There can be several reasons for this.

Learning to Resolve Conflict

From time to time you may find yourself in a clash with somebody, it happens to us all at some stage. You can put into practice the methods you have learned for stopping the exchange getting out of hand with behaviours such as screaming, shouting and aggression. Even then, though, you can still have an unresolved situation that can fester.  If you have both taken time on your own to cool off then the situation is still up in the air and will need some further dialogue to put things back on an even keel.  If you decided to stay and talk, the quarrel still needs to be sorted out in one way or another.