Dealing with someone who winds you up on purpose

hispanic woman pointing fingerDo you have to deal with someone who constantly winds you up?

Is every little thing you do/don’t do up for discussion and a critique by them?

Do they know they are getting to you but keep it up anyway and enjoy when you finally break and lose your temper?

Recognising the Antagonist

Understanding an Angry Person

What is it that is making someone angry or display angry behaviours?  Why do they shout, become aggressive and sometimes violent?

Coping with Someone Elses Anger

Most of the articles on this site are focused on the person who feels and then acts out the anger. This is because it is important to realise that someone can only change if they want to, and that no matter how hard you may wish someone else’s behaviour will change, unless they set out to change it themselves, then it is just a waste of time.  But what if you’re the one who is suffering because of someone else’s behaviour?  What can you do?