Hypnotherapy for Anger Control

What is hypnotherapy?

Well, it’s a therapy that brings the person to a lower state of consciousness by relaxing them and concentrating their awareness. When in this very relaxed state, the hypnotherapist can plant suggestions into your subconscious mind and so it becomes easier to change your behaviour.

During your first visit you will tell the therapist what the problem you are having is. They will ask you some questions to find out what type of situations are likely to induce the behaviour that you want to change. Your answers will be very revealing as to what type of suggestions are fed to you through the therapy session. The more honest and forthcoming you are, the more the hypnotherapist can help you.

Don’t think-magician on stage making you act like a chicken. You can only be hypnotised if you want to and you can’t be forced into doing anything that you don’t want to do. You have to allow your mind to slow down and allow someone else’s words to help you get there. You are in total control at all times and need only open your eyes to come out of it.

Hypnosis works to control anger by helping you to recognise the types of situations that cause this reaction and then to allow you to alter your behaviour when you encounter such situations in the future. The thought processes that usually manifest themselves as expressions of anger are changed and more appropriate responses to such stimuli are created.

In doing this, you are opening the inner conscious levels of your mind up, so as to absorb instructions more easily. A hypnotic trance is not in itself considered therapeutic, but certain specific suggestions and images given to you in a trance can profoundly alter your behavior. As the new ways you think and feel play out in your mind, you lay the groundwork for very powerful changes in your future actions.

If you are having problems with altering your own behaviour, then trying hypnotherapy is certainly something you should consider.

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