Is Anger Killing You?


Anger in and of itself is not bad or negative and in fact can be a very powerful force for change and improvement, both in society and in a person’s life.  It’s only when our reactions and behaviours are out of our control or we hurt ourselves and others that it becomes a problem.

So many people who have anger issues that I speak to, feel entitled to be angry and think that exploding in anger is the only way to release your negative emotions.  And that once you do this, you will feel better.

This is a myth though.

It’s been documented that unregulated emotions, i.e. allowing yourself to get angry, raises your heart beat and disconnects you from your conscious mental processes and is actually very bad for your health…especially men’s health who are much more prone to heart problems…

Take a look at the abstract of this study, on the link between anger and Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI), i.e. a heart attack.

“the risk of experiencing AMI was more than twofold greater after outbursts of anger compared with at other times, and greater intensities of anger were associated with greater relative risks.”

It would suggest then that uncontrolled rage and anger is extremely damaging to our health as well as our relationships.

You can still have an opinion on something that has gone wrong and you can still feel irritated by someone else.  You can still try and change things for the better and you don’t have to turn into a doormat, but by unleashing your angry emotions in fits of rage you are actually damaging your health and endangering your life in the process.

If it was ok to fly into a rage every time you got angry then it wouldn’t be bad for you, now would it?

Even if you don’t think that taking control of your anger for social reasons is good enough, then think of your health.

Imagine deciding to stay composed.  Imagine controlling your rising blood pressure and finding a way to achieve what you want in a calm controlled way.


Try to actually focus on your angry emotions, be consciously aware of them and also how it makes you feel physically.  When we become consciously aware we have the power to change.  We stop operating on automatic processes and previously learned responses.  We start to be in charge of ourselves and anger cannot consume us if we are aware of it growing.

When you feel the anger starting to surge, take some deep breaths to help calm you down physically but above all else, leave what is currently causing you stress.  Whether it is a person or a situation, get yourself somewhere else and calm down.  Make calming down your focus!

Once you learn to stop the explosions of anger, you then need to learn new healthy ways of expressing your emotions so that anger cannot so easily start to rise.

It is possible….but we’ll come back to that later.


If you’re a rager, shouter or door slamming angry person, let me know what you think.  Can you find ways of stopping the explosions?  Share your experiences below.

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  1. Thank you. Im going to show this to my husband. He gets so angry when he is frustrated and it makes me worry for him when I see him like that. He gets a big red face and looks lke he will explode. I think he knows himself that its not good for his health.

    • Thanks Anna for stopping by. Well if he knows its not good for his health to get so angry, then that’s a good start. Best of luck 🙂

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