I’m sorry…but ‘something’ just took me over!

Ok, so there’s this person in my life called John and he has been a very angry man for a long time.  He’s very sweet and kind and courteous but he has had problems with controlling his temper.  We’ve been working on this now for a few years and he … [Continue reading]

6 approaches for stress beating success

I’ve written before about the need to control stress in order to control your anger.  As it’s a very hard thing to do though, I thought I’d share some more insights. In our primordial past, humans needed stress as a way of telling them there was … [Continue reading]

Is Anger Killing You?

Maybe! Anger in and of itself is not bad or negative and in fact can be a very powerful force for change and improvement, both in society and in a person’s life.  It’s only when our reactions and behaviours are out of our control or we hurt … [Continue reading]

6 ways to cope that don’t involve anger

All too often we have coping strategies that don’t work.  When stressed about something, we can end up making ourselves even more stressed.  If something frustrates us, however minor it may be, we can erupt in rage.  We may not even be able to figure … [Continue reading]