New Facebook Page

How to control anger has just launched a new facebook page. I hope to update it regularly with lots of new info and stories. So if you like this site give us a thumbs up. :) Thanks … [Continue reading]

Anger and Power

Do you enjoy the power that being and acting angry gives you?  Do you end up getting your own way most of the time because other people are afraid to ‘set you off’?  Or maybe you end up in regular conflict with your spouse, where the only way you … [Continue reading]

Book Review: The Power of your Subconscious Mind

Title:The Power of your Subconscious Mind Author: Dr. Joseph Murphy More than any other book I have every read, this one affected me in a deep way.  I passed it to friends some years ago and they were amazed.  They then passed it on to others and … [Continue reading]

Are you a bully in your home?

Do you try to control, manipulate or force others to behave and do what you want?  Or do you try to control every aspect of your environment from the placement of ornaments in the livingroom to how often the heating is put on?  What happens when … [Continue reading]