I keep getting asked for practical solutions from people to help control their anger.  They want something to do or use to help them and so I have made a list of products that I believe will be beneficial.

All the products listed below have been used by me, usually for a long time, but sometimes they will be recent discoveries but if I have them on this page it is because I think they are great products.  As I come across new products I’ll post them here.

Silva Life SystemsName: Silva Life Systems
Description: Training course on the Silva Method

The Silva Life System is a self help/ personal development coaching program. The Silva Life System uses deep guided meditation, visualisation, affirmations, positive thinking and self-hypnosis techniques in order to achieve heightened states of awareness.



Title:The Power of your Subconscious Mind
Author: Dr. Joseph Murphy

The book was written by Dr. Joseph Murphy, a Psychologist. In it he details how our minds work and how our thoughts have such a big affect on our lives. He teaches techniques for healing your mind of negative thoughts that can weigh you down, making you sick and unhappy.